Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I haven't been doing a very good  job recording the funny things I hear my kids say. It's not very much, but here's the latest.

{Riley: "Mom, I see your beddy button.
Me: "You do?! What does it look like??"
Riley: "A snow cone!"}

{Riley: "Mom, your breath has stink in it."
Me: "eeew! What does it smell like?"
Riley: "Salad milk!!"}

{Riley: "Mom, when we go to Grandma's can I bring my Mister... Tiny... Tiny..... Little.. Little............ Teddy?"}

{Lily in the car: "ugh. It's soooo hot in here! I can't even smell."}

{Michael as he was going to bed: "Lily, will you please shut the door all the way?"
Lily (in her sweetest and most concerned voice): "Are you sure you're not afraid of the real dark?"}

{Kaylee (before getting in bed): "Wait. Mom. First I want to teach my ninja moves. Because, did you know? I was born to be a ninja."
Lily: "Well, I was born to be a spy! Hiyaaa!" (complete with a leg kick)
Riley: "Well I-eeee was born to be a princess."}

{Lily was renaming her nail polish colors. Here are my favorites:

Strawberry Shortcake's Bluest Sleepover Night
Orange Blossom's Oranges
Rapunzel's Sparkling Night at Her House on Her Birthday
Hello Kitty Accidentally Put Fingernail Polish on Her Lips Red}

Saturday, July 14, 2012

a child's prayer

I love listening to Kaylee say her prayers at night. Here is the middle of tonight's prayer:

"please bless that I don't cry for my bunny at church {it died a few days ago:( }
please bless that we don't fight over the scooter
please help us not to fight about our toys
please bless that we can live in a house with stairs when we get enough money
please bless that I can get a kitty
please help us to stop climbing on the counters"

Kaylee's prayers are so cute because she really thinks about what blessings she would like to ask for. Her prayers are anything but generic. Oh, and a few weeks ago she prayed every night that she could be as fast as Sonic. I just love being her mom.