Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to Andrew {March 26}

 {I meant to post this on the 26th!!}

Andrew and me

Zach, Geri, and Andrew

Andrew Varge is my youngest brother. He was born March 26, 1992 (or twenty twenty Mawch, as he would have told you when he was 5) and today he is 19 years old. At his towering height (six foot three, baby!) people often assume he is the oldest of the 5 Howe children. But don't be fooled, I changed this little boy's diapers (once or twice, I was five when he was born!) and I vividly remember him as a cute, chubby little toddler. Andrew has had the most nicknames out of ANY of the kids in our family, he has been called: Chubanzo, He-Man, Buzz, Buzzy-Leroy Brown, LeRoy, Roy, and Roybie. There were most definitely a few more than that, but I can't remember right now!

This boy loves to sing! Andrew sings all day long, at the top of his lungs, and we've always loved every minute of it. In fact, he will be singing in one of the choirs during General Conference this weekend, so look for him!

I  love you, Baby Brother! Happy Birthday:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

6 Years

 Michael and I were married on March 18, 2005.

and here we are 6 years later!
I  am amazed by all Heavenly Father has blessed us with during the last 6 years. We have wonderful, beautiful children who are happy and healthy. We already have far more than we could have ever hoped for. I am such a lucky girl to have the guy I have and to have the family WE share!
I love you, Michael Floyd!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lily's B-Day (and introducing Floyd Farms;))

We had a little teeny, tiny birthday party for Lily. We had my brothers over and, of course, Heather and Taylor. They brought the best, coolest gift I've ever even heard of!

 What is it??

 I can't believe it!

 The cutest, tiniest baby chickens!

 The girls were thrilled! Kaylee and Lily love to pet them and hold them and Riley likes to look at them. She refuses to touch them and if they so much as advance toward her, she begins to cry and runs away!
The girls named the babies Leggy, Eighty, and Nikka (I have no idea where those names even came from). Kaylee had originally named one of the chicks Hussy. We talked her into choosing a  new name and Nikka is what she came up with.

 Clearly, Michael took the girls shopping for birthday supplies:) They were very happy with their assortment! I forgot to include the Tinker Bell napkins in the photo:(

 Singing "Happy Birthday"

 When we told her to blow out the candles, she said, "Wait! I have to make a wish first!"
She told me that she wished to turn into a fairy. Woops! I guess its not going to come true now;)

 Here is Riley in her new car that she got for Lily's birthday:)

Heather and Kaylee, holding Leggy and Nikka

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy (late, late, LATE)Birthday Riley (Feb 12)

These are pictures of the day Riley was born. As you can see, the date on the camera was nowhere close to being correct!:)

Here are some pictures of Riley's 2nd year:

How I love this Angel Baby! Riley is such a good and sweet little girl. She is a mommy's girl and sure knows how to make me feel loved:) She is very good about letting everyone know that she loves them. She says, "I love you" all day long!:)
An interesting fact about Riley: She is a clean freak! She asks me to wash her hands several times a day, and especially after every meal. She also tells me when she needs a diaper change, as SOON as she needs a diaper change. If I don't hop to it, she stands next to me and says, "I need diaper change, Mommy" over and over, until I get it done.
Riley is growing up so fast. She is very independent and says things like, "Let me do it" and "I want my own". Sometimes she can be quite snotty, but she is very good at saying please and almost never forgets to say thank you:)

Riley Girl, I love you more than you will ever know! Thank you for being my tiny, tiny baby. I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily

Lily Alynn Floyd entered our lives 5 years ago on a warm day in Texas. I told Michael early in the morning that it was time to go to the hospital. He said, "Soooooo, don't go to work?" umm... yes. Then he proceeded to dress up in his finest cowboy attire. I made fun of him a little bit and he defended himself and said, "Well, I have to welcome her to Texas!"
Lily is our ray of sunshine. She is happy and cheerful 99.9% of the time. Her talents include singing, working out, and quoting movies. She is always getting her sister, Kaylee, to quote scenes from their favorite movies, and let me tell you, they are good at it. Lily has an incredible imagination and she is ALWAYS pretending. She is beyond excited to start Kindergarten in the fall, though I think it will take a bit of adujsuting when she realizes it really IS going to be longer that 5 days.
Lily already has a love for the Gospel. She is always asking me to read her scriptures to her; she likes to "read" them herself and she even marks them!:) She has her own Book of Mormon and she carries it to church in her little pink scripture case. Lily loves to read other books as well. We have read quite a few books together and have a loooooong list of books for the future;)

March 9, 2006

Jamie, Jan, Erica, Braden, and Emma in background. This is the first time they saw Lily.
I love Jan wiping away her tears:)

Because I ended up having a c-section, this is the first time I got to hold Lily. I loved her the instant I looked at her!

This is Lily on her very first birthday:)

Big sister, Lily. Or "Sissy Pants" as my girls would say;)

Lily, I can't believe you are FIVE! Never did a mommy love her baby more than I love you! I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!