Friday, December 27, 2013

I made...

...this very cute bandana cowl from Purl Bee.

It was a gift for my lovely sister-in-law.
I realize I should have changed my shirt before I took had the photo taken. Rachel will do a much better job making sure it matches her outfit. That girl has great style, she does.

The yarn I used is Billow from KnitPicks. It is lovely and the colors it comes in are absolutely beautiful. I purchased it online and did not realize that the yarn strand goes from very thick to very, very thin (I think maybe there is a term for that but I don't know what it is). Anyway, I think that it works well for some projects but I wouldn't use again for this particular project; I felt like it made the cowl look sloppy in some areas. I wanted my stitches to be uniform. That's okay; maybe the cowl has just a little more character with its uneven stitching.

I loved the pattern I used! I got to learn how to do Short Rows. I get really excited when a pattern uses a technique I am unfamiliar with. It's fun to learn new things. The pattern was fun and easy to follow. I love the way it turned out despite the uneven stitches. 

Dear Sister Rachel, 
Please send me a picture of the cowl paired with an adorable outfit and your adorable self. I loved making this cowl for you. and I love you.
Love, Katie

Monday, December 9, 2013

We went to California

The girls and I went to California over Thanksgiving break. Sadly, our daddy couldn't go with us. Thank goodness Zach and Rachel were able to come with us! We all piled in my beloved white van (good old Astrid) and road tripped to our homeland.

I took these cute pictures of Matthew the day we left:

 I love those baby stretches!

 I made these cute hats for Cousin Dylan. I used THIS cute pattern for the owl hat. And I just did my own thing for the brimmed hat.

 We caught a glimpse of the Salt Lake temple when we drove to Geri's house to pick some things up that she had for us.

 My mom and dad let us take their room when we went to visit. My dad came in to say goodnight and said, "That would make such a cute picture!" I must agree. 
It was so great to sleep in such a enormous bed with all my kiddos. Most nights a few of them slept with Auntie Emma. But I loved the nights they all piled in with me:)

 Zach, Rachel, and Emma made this cool fort for the girls.

 I told Mallory she could only have her binky if she went to sleep. She said, "Okay!" and this photo was taken 7 minutes later. Unfortunately it was only about 5:00.

 Inside their fort

The following are some photos of a hike we went on.

Lily climbed up this rock pile and said, "I'm kind kind of scared, but I'm also feeling awesome because I DID IT!!!"
You go, Girl.

 Mallory painted her face with a stamp pad.

 Poor Mallory wakes up with this sweet hair-do every day of her life.

 and she wears this tutu every day of her life.
(ps I made that sweater for Kaylee when she was a baby. Pattern HERE.)

 Emma thinks she's so funny.

These are from the morning we left:

My grandpa and his lovely wife, Cecil, came up for Thanksgiving so we got to see them too. I wish I had taken pictures of them. We love them so much!

We had such a nice time visiting Grandma and Grandpa's house. Poor Grandma was sick the whole time we were there which was really sad. It was so nice to be under the same roof as her though. I loved being able to visit with my mom whenever I wanted to. The girls LOVE Grandma and Grandpa's. It is such a fun and special place to be. I remember the special feeling of visiting grandparents and I still love being in their home! We are lucky that we're able to see my mom and and dad so much. They are always so good to us and we love them. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

a month

A month?! Is it possible?? Today is December 2 which means that this little son of ours is one month old. I decided to celebrate by posting every single picture of Matthew that Michael and I have taken on our phones in the last month. 

Just kidding.

Really I'm not. There are approximately 1,398 photos in this post. 
Some of these pictures are from Grandma Jan's phone. We're so happy she was able to come stay with us. And I'm really sad we don't have a single photo to prove it:(

Michael took this when I was about 38 weeks. I love the last few months of pregnancy; I always feel really good and I wish I could skip right to it. The first few months are really hard for me. Not only am I sick but I am Mrs. Grouchy Mean Mom and Wife. I am much more pleasant starting at about 5 or 6 months:)

 first photo!

these next 3 were taken right after he was born.

first bath:

 first family photo. I was reading a card that the girls made.

 This picture makes my eyes all teary. So much joy!

 The girls are obsessed with him!

 Thanks for the cute sister shirts Grandma Jan!

 I love his teeny mouth!

 Ready to go home

That's a brand new bellybutton! This was taken right after his cord fell off.

I love his mohawk. 

First road trip. On our way to California. 

 This is what Matthew thought about church in Lone Pine Branch.

 A cute shirt from Cousin Rachel.

 A Yoda hat that I made.

He loves his swaddler. 

 First hike in Independence, CA.

The rest of these were taken today.

Happy birthday, Matthew! I hope you've enjoyed your first month of life. We sure like having you around!