Friday, January 10, 2014

Some more December photos...

 Kaylee took this photo. She said, "Now both of you kiss the baby."

 The E.L. Fudge massacre. She only eats the insides.

 That face!

 A pretty, miniature watermelon

 These were taken the night of their Christmas choir program. It was so cute and fun. The girl between Lily and Kaylee is one of Lily's many bff's. Her name is Elizabeth. We think she's really cute:)

 My dad and Emma took my camera to go in search of a couple of Bald Eagles that he'd seen a little earlier. When they got back to the tree there was only one. I need a fancier lens; I had to majorly crop this to get this photo. It looks like a tiny finch or something sitting up there. I don't know, I'm no bird expert. Ask my Uncle Dan.

Lily asked me to take these next ones so she could pin them to Pinterest. Silly girl.

A sleepy morning bath before school. 


 The men in my life.

 So Mallory and Matthew both sleep in our bed (we're hardcore co-sleepers in this house, Michael isn't wild about it -poor guy likes to sleep or something! I absolutely love it) and this is her all night long. He's this precious little magnet that her sleeping self just can't resist.

 Matthew modeling a dino hat that I made for him

Matthew modeling a Gnome Hat that I made for Mallory 

 A Napping Grandpa and Matthew

 Mallory modeling a hat that I made for Henry

Matthew in his coziest and cutest outfit from Grandma Jan.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Eve

Here are pictures of our wild New Year's bash. Michael had to work New Year's Eve and Day so he joined in on the party for only about 20 minutes. We had a lot of fun and carried out family traditions by eating little smokies and drinking sherbet punch and LOTS of chips and dip. We played games; Uno, Let's Go Fishing, and Chess (Kaylee adores Chess, she knows how all the pieces move and she's good at it!) We sang and danced. Some of us ended up in our underwear, not unlike other New Year's parties, but with much more more sobriety. We had a bath! Anything can happen on New Year's Eve! 

My dad always sets off a string of firecrackers at midnight. Rather than trekking through the snow to completely scare the wits out of our neighbors we settled for some cute little confetti poppers. The girls couldn't even pull the strings off but I had lots if fun setting them off!

Our night ended with the girls first viewing of High School Musical and believe me when I say there is a new obsession in this house!

Here is the evening in photographs, beginning with Matthew partying like an animal:

I have a few New Years goals. One of them is to READ a lot! I have a long list of books. Also, I looked at my "books read to girls" list for the year and was super bummed to see that we only read like 7 or 8 books during the whole year! One of them was Harriet the Spy which was extremely long. Boy was I glad when that book was over, and not because it was long. Now we're reading The Princess Bride and it's already quite entertaining. Anyway, I have a personal goal to read more and I also have a goal to read more books to the children.

Another goal is to take more pictures and really work to improve my photography.  I'm EVEN going to make a facebook page. I'm not necessarily looking to make it a business but if it happens that would be great. We'll see where the year takes us!

Our family was greatly blessed last year. Michael's received his bachelor's degree (which I have yet to blog about!) and our first son was born! We are excited to see what 2014 has in store.