Saturday, November 15, 2014

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Maybe someday I will be better at blogging. If there is one thing I struggle with (there are MANY) it is consistency! That and I have at least one child screaming at my feet every time I try to sit at the computer. Right now there are two.

I have so many thoughts and SO MANY things I want write about and then sadly, over a few days time, the thoughts drift away. It makes me so sad when I realize that there was something I really wanted to put in my journal but I just can't remember what it was! I need to STOP.

Tonight I want to remember the kindness that my children show to each other and to me. It was Lily bringing home Goldilocks and the Three Bears, knowing that it's Mallory's favorite story to have us tell. It was tonight when Kaylee brought a tray of food to Riley as she lay in bed not feeling well. It's every day when one of the big girls sees Matthew crying and stops to play with him and try to make him happy again. It's any time one of the kids wrap their arms around me. It's when they thank me for a meal. It's when they play happily together. It's when they say 'I love you'.

Oh, I am blessed. Some days being a mom is sooooo hard, but there are blessings and happiness in every corner if you're looking for them. I feel like the more I appreciate my kids, the more fulfilling it is to be their mom.

Enough sap! Now I will show you Mallory's amazing photog skills. She loves to take pictures with my iphone. Who can blame her?

From Kaylee's 2nd Grade Veteran's Day Program
(this is but a fraction of the photos she took!)

The people seated behind us (we know them, thankfully;)) 

"I'm gunna take a picshur of my san-wich"

"I'm gunna take a picshur of you, Mom"

I love Matt Boy's face.


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